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"In Spanish, 'Paladar' translates to palate. In early nineties Cuba, under Castro's regime, privately-owned home restaurants, known as Paladares, were permitted. Limited to twelve dining seats and devoid of employees to avoid competition with state-run establishments, Paladares gained recognition for their affordable cuisine and access to exclusive ingredients. At Paladar de Cuba in Stockholm, indulge in exquisite Caribbean Cuban dishes alongside One of Sweden's most extensive rum selection, boasting over 400 varieties. Welcome!"

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Rum Bar

Paladar de Cuba is a rum bar that offers a unique and exciting experience for rum enthusiasts in Sweden. With an impressive selection of 400 different types of rum, Paladar is dedicated to introducing the Swedish people to quality rum and exploring the fantastic world of this noble spirit. Paladar's goal is to assist you on your rum journey by providing knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the wide variety and offer tips and recommendations. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rum connoisseur, there is something for everyone to discover and enjoy at Paladar de Cuba. So seize the opportunity to embark on a tasting adventure and explore the different nuances and flavors of rum at Paladar de Cuba.

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The World of Rum

In addition, we provide daily opportunities for individuals to participate in private rum tastings, lasting between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the availability of space. Furthermore, we offer customers the choice of three distinct package options.

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Guest Reviews

 "One of the coziest spots in town, thanks to its bright decor and fun details. We've been there several times now, always receiving excellent service and enjoying delicious food. I often take photos of the beautifully presented dishes—they add to the experience. My previous favorite, before they changed the menu, was the monkfish fillet. We've tried nearly everything, and currently, my favorite is the seafood soup—a delightful blend of fish and shellfish. The bread served with a dip before the meal is superb. The ambiance is so inviting that even the restroom is tastefully decorated—I feel comfortable even there. I highly recommend this restaurant to those who appreciate a cozy atmosphere, delicious food, and a welcoming bar. We've always had a pleasant time there."

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Romprovning World of rum

Romprovning World of rum

Romprovning World of rum – en resa i rommens värld…

Romprovning med Gregers Nielsen

Romprovning med Gregers Nielsen

Tack för en fantastisk romkväll med @therumnerd_gr…

Havana Mule

Havana Mule

Testa vår nya Drink Havana Mule!

Puntacana Esplendido
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”Are you allergic or sensitive? Please feel free to contact us in advance, so it’s easier for us to ensure that your visit is truly enjoyable!”
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